Beth Newbery

Beth Newbery

Spotlight CV

Additional Projects with no Spotlight Related Categories

2016 Screenplay/script adaptations completed for “Undone”
2 Producers and Director on board, finance currently being sought;
Aimed for festivals in 2018
Writer of The Wake Current
‘Untitled’ Short Film scheduled for June
‘April Reading, She has a name’: Feature movie,
currently in pre-production
Director and Producer of ‘Pressure –NOT ME’: Jan – April 10th
Director /Producer of  ‘Relationships’: Oct- Dec

2015 Writer and Director of ‘Undone’, (1- woman show): March – July

“UNDONE is a viciously real story depicting the life of a white slavery victim taken from her home under the false pretences of love and left to ‘work’ in a dark hole of a room somewhere in Queens. The story is not for the weak of heart, describing in vivid and harrowing detail a girl’s first experience in this nightmarish reality. Truly an eye-opener to the trauma related with sexual assault.” Jerry Black, OuterStage

2013 Writer and Director of ‘he Hole’: October – December

2012/13 AD and Actress for a Reading of ‘SSSwitch!’ July – August

2012 (Spring)
Reading of ‘ The Life in the day of Joe Egg”

2011/12 (Winter and Spring)
Director of Twelve Night for Ripple Effect Theatre

2011 The Theatre Row Public Reading: Actress in ‘ Wild. ‘

OTHER includes:

World Films Project Developer and First AD
A commercial film for an advertisement on the Expo 2010.
Directed numerous corporate videos, Working for World Films on the Expo 2010.
Development project with Paul Bennet from Saatchi & Saatchi. Presentation of commercial in Paris for the Korean government.
Researcher of information and design

Risk Television/ Minds Eye Pictures
Television teen drama series. Running creative aspects of the production. Structuring show format and story-lining. Production Office and directed small links.

Bravo TV.
Collecting information and setting up situations for celebrities to interact with the members of the public.
Flextech TV
Hosting for the Flextech online Magazine
T-spot live show’ and Presenter/ Director/Host
Interviewing guests and researching for each live show.
Updating information on the Internet. Monitored and hosted three chat rooms whilst directing links and competitions.
Directed short commercial shots for commercials on day time TV
Casting Director for short links

Pearson TV
Celebrity interviewer for live TV Show, ‘T-Spot.’
Directed LaVelle Smith Jr’s commercial show reel

Artistic Director and Acting Coach, Canada
Directed QPH from the Sistren Theatre Collective, plays about women and how they live in Jamaica.
New Image, Vancouver acting coach Acting for Camera sessions for advanced students