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Heartbreak House

The simmering tensions between the “bohemians” and the “capitalists” are electric, with Judi Bowker’s bewitching Hesione played to perfection. Tom Foot

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Judi Bowker’s Titania shimmers underneath the flurry and disruption; as she becomes tangled in the action her petite fluttering is enchanting to watch. Natalie Li

…the carefully delineated almost ethereal Titania of Judi Bowker. Aline Waites

Another sparkling Shakespeare production, with Judi Bowker enchanting as Titania.

The Dance of Death

Bowker’s embittered, plum-syllabled Alice is a perfect foil for Meacher’s swaggering, apoplectic major. “It is our duty to torment each other,” Edgar observes summarily, and they do it so well it is a shame when they have to stop. Simon Wroe


“Judi Bowker is an exemplary non-Stepford wife.” Rachel Halliburton, Time Out

“The comedy in the script is bitter and quite dark and it is only when paired with Judi Bowker as the uber-nervous wife, Myra, that we ever really suspect he (Sidney) might tip over the edge.

Paul Vale – The Stage

“Judi Bowker deliciously poised as the horrified wife…” John Thaxter, What’s On

The Cherry Orchard

“Judi Bowker shines as Ranyevskaya…” Gillian Murdoch – Camden New Journal

In Love With Anton

“Judi Bowker is perfection as the enchanting multi-faceted girl-wife Lydia in her journey to self-knowledge and maturity.” Roz D’Ombraine Hewitt

The Brownings Through Casa Guidi Windows

“Judi Bowker as Elizabeth Barrett Browning injects real passion and emotional energy into the proceedings.” Edward Simpkins – What’s On

Hedda Gabler

“…I found my definitive Hedda in Joan Greenwood, at Oxford in 1960, and never thought I should see that performance rivalled until I covered Judi Bowker. …it is Judi Bowker who is a revelation as Hedda. This spoilt, petulant but neurotically selfish young woman is presented with such skill that I believed in her every action, just as I had with Joan Greenwood. Hedda should be a beauty, and Miss Bowker certainly is just as lovely as Miss Greenwood and her exquisite diction added so much charm to Hedda that one accepted that this was an exceptional woman… It is a great pity that her abilities are not given proper prominence in major works on Shaftesbury Avenue and I only hope that managements will recognise that Miss Bowker is one of the great neglected artists around today.” Peter Charles – Plays & Players

“Judi Bowker’s brittle and manipulative Hedda is a delicately beautiful serpent” Robert Lloyd Parry

Uncle Vanya

“Judi Bowker’s vacant Yeliena is so beautifully transparent that she appears in danger of evaporating.” Michael Wright – Time Out

Three Sisters

“As Masha…Judi Bowker gives a performance of outstanding quality…” Peter Charles – Plays & Players