Tom Molnar

Spotlight CV

Nationality: Dual – Hungarian/Slovak

Native Languages: Hungarian & Slovak

Other Languages: Conversational Czech 5/10; Basic Polish 3/10; German 2/10

Accents: English with foreign influence:
Hungarian & Slovak – Native
Standard American, General Eastern European 8/10
German 7/10
Italian (Sicilian influence) 5/10
French & Russian 3/10

Dance: Rumba – Grade 8; Samba – Grade 7; Tango – Grade 5; Salsa – Grade 4

Skilled Saloon Car Racing, Basket Ball, Football, Shooting. Weight Training – daily
Other Tennis 7/10; Baseball, Golf, Swimming 5/10; Aikido 4/10

Other Skills:
Skilled Barista, Bartender, Mixologist, Silver Service, Farm Skills, including
machinery – Agricultural, School 5 years, father a farmer
Other Sommelier; Hair Model

Military Intensive Training for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, supervised by Australian
NCO, Green Beret, including:
Synchronised Marching; Semi-automatic Rifle, Czech K100 9mm semi-
automatic pistol, Thompson .45 cal. Machine gun – clip magazine, 30 calibre
carbine – folding stock, Bazooka.

Driving License: Full EU

Categories: Classes A, A1 & AM All Motor Cycles – Unrestricted, B & B1 Cars and Motor Trikes,
C1 & C (HGV 2) Trucks, T Farm Vehicles